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Coming Soon: 3rd European Parliament of Enterprises | Hungarian Chamber of Commerce



Coming Soon: 3rd European Parliament of Enterprises

Author: HA | September 16. 2014.

Exactly one month from today, about 1000 business representatives from 45 European countries, including 21 from Hungary, will gather in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels for the third edition of the European Parliament of Enterprises (EPE).  The European Parliament of Enterprises is the largest event at EU level that gives the floor directly to entrepreneurs, allowing them to provide politicians with bottom-up feedback on EU policies. For more, click on the title.

Entrepreneurs from all sizes and sectors of business, acting as Members of the Parliament, will vote on crucial topics currently debated at EU level, by which they are directly affected.  The aim is to help define the business agenda for the new EU legislative term.

Topics will be treated in four different sessions:

  • Session 1 – Internationalisation: global economic growth, free trade agreements, third markets, European Economic Diplomacy.
  • Session 2 – Skills: vocational education and training, youth unemployment, skills mismatch.
  • Session 3 – Finance: access to finance, equity financing, crowdfunding, late payments.
  • Session 4 – Energy: energy efficiency, climate change, competitiveness.