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Hungary Signals Further Easing After Cutting Rate to Record

May 26. 2015.

Bloomberg /

Hungary’s central bank said it has more room to continue monetary easing after cutting the benchmark interest rate to a record in its fight to end eight months of deflation. More...


Taxi App Uber Could Go Out Of Business In Hungary After Tax Authority Sting

May 26. 2015.

Hungary Today

An investigation conducted by the National Tax and Customs Administration has found that all Uber drivers examined broke tax regulations, and hefty fines suggest that the taxi app could go out of business in Hungary. More...

Hungary Moves Toward Fitch Investment Grade on Finances

May 23. 2015.

Bloomberg / and

Hungary moved toward regaining its investment grade as Fitch Ratings raised the outlook on the country’s sovereign credit assessment, citing sturdier public finances and faster economic growth. More...

Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria Embark On Gas Pipeline Project

May 22. 2015.

At the Riga summit yesterday (21 May) Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania signed a Joint Declaration backing the idea of building the Eastring gas pipeline, designed to link Central with Southeastern Europe. However the name Eastring doesn’t appear in the document. More...

Hungary Banks Aim To Boost Corporate Lending - Central Bank

May 21. 2015.


Hungary's central bank has welcomed plans by local banks to boost lending to companies in the coming years, it said on Thursday, adding however that no lenders have set specific targets on credit expansion. More...

Family Bankruptcy Bill Could Save 25,000 Families

May 26. 2015.

The bill submitted to Parliament by Hungary’s Christian Democrat Party (KDNP) – in coalition with the ruling Fidesz party – is designed to protect families with debts from bankruptcy and could save 20,000-25,000 families, Márton Nagy, the National Bank of Hungaryʼs managing director, said on state-owned news channel M1 on Friday. More...

Euro Rising Against Forint, But This Could Change Long Term

May 26. 2015.

Seeking Alpha / Michael Grogan

In a previous article on April 13, I made the argument that the Hungarian forint is set to go higher against the euro, citing less reliance by Hungary on quantitative easing and a GDP growth rate of 0.8 percent in the most recent quarter - higher than the Euro Area average of 0.3 percent. More... 

Brain Bar Brings Big Minds To Budapest

May 23. 2015.

Budapest Business Journal / By Christian Keszthelyi - The article is from the April 24 – May 07 edition of the Budapest Business Journal.

Gergő Böszörményi-Nagy, director of Design Terminal, a public agency to promote creativity, talks about his organization’s June 4-6 event to encourage discussion of technology and society. ... (The main aim of Brain Bar Budapest is) to become the region’s number one festival on trends and the future economy. A truly global event with world class intellectuals, people with dramatically different professional and social backgrounds, their visions and an opportunity to share them, debate them in an outspoken format. More...

Axon Inaugurates HUF 1.5 Bln Plant In Kecskemét

May 22. 2015. / MTI

The Hungarian subsidiary of French cable manufacturer Axon Cable yesterday inaugurated a HUF 1.5 bln factory in Kecskemét, central Hungary, national news agency MTI reported today. More...

Investors Reap 20% on Budapest Rentals as Tourism Grows

May 21. 2015.

Bloomberg /

Call it the Budapest Spring for real estate investors. Years after housing prices in most European capitals rebounded from the financial crisis, Budapest’s market is finally showing signs of life. Hungarian and foreign investors are buying apartments at prices still below their pre-crisis peak and earning robust returns. They’re benefiting from a surge in tourists, who are drawn to Budapest’s mix of Michelin star restaurants, “ruin” bars and cheap rents. More...