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STATISTICAL UPDATES: Retail, Industrial Output, GDP

December 06. 2016.

Central Statistical Office

- In October 2016, the volume of sales in retail shops, according to both raw and calendar-adjusted data, grew by 2.6% compared to the same period last year. Details

- In October 2016, the volume of industrial output declined by 2.1% year-on-year. Details

- The volume of gross domestic product was 2.2% higher in Hungary in the 3rd quarter of 2016 than in the corresponding period of the previous year. Details

Ikarus Hopes To Benefit From Trump’s Job Creation Policies

December 05. 2016.

Hungary-based bus manufacturer Ikarus is eyeing an entry to the U.S. market, which owner Gábor Széles believes could speed up after President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated, according to an interview Széles gave Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlap last Friday. More...

Orbán Warns Brussels Over Energy Prices

December 02. 2016.

Hungary Matters

Hungary will not allow Brussels to interfere with the decision-making of the authorities over energy prices, the prime minister said in an interview to public radio. Orbán said that if the right of authorities to determine energy prices were to be taken away then the government’s scheme to keep utility bills low would be compromised. He insisted that competition in the energy sector did not lead to lower prices due to “all sorts of backroom deals”, and prices would rise instead. The government will defend low utility bills, and while the struggle will be hard “we have every chance of success,” Orbán said.

Hungary Adds Transaction Tax Rebate To 2017 Stimulus Mix

December 01. 2016.

Reuters / By Gergely Szakacs

Hungary's government is planning rebates of a financial transaction tax for banks that substantially boost their lending to companies, it said on Thursday, adding another boost to Prime Minister Viktor Orban's "world-beating" pre-election stimulus. More...

OPINION PIECE: On Culinary Temptations And CEE Competitiveness

November 30. 2016.  /  Dr. Zoltán Buzady, Associate Professor of Management, Director of the Leadership&Flow Global Research Network CEU Business School

I feel privileged to live in beautiful Budapest: every day I walk to work across Vörösmarty tér, where the city’s largest and internationally renowned Christmas market is now on show. On my way, I feel tempted by the many culinary options and the luring smell of mulled wine and fried sausages. More

Hungary Evades ECB Ire as Central Bank Splurges on Property

December 05. 2016.

Bloomberg / by Zoltán Simon

On an empty lot upriver from Budapest’s historic center, beside an abandoned factory and a faded outlet selling Italian lingerie, the country’s monetary guardians are making a bid for real-estate riches. There, a development with an estimated value of $300 million and spanning more than 200,000 square meters is being marked out, under the management of six foundations set up by the National Bank of Hungary in 2014. More...

STATISTICAL UPDATE: External Trade Surplus EUR 1 Billion In September

December 02. 2016.

Central Statistical Office

In September 2016, the export volume increased by 3.2% and the import volume by 2.6%, and the external trade surplus grew by EUR 140 million compared to the same month of the previous year. In the first nine months of 2016, the external trade surplus was EUR 7.6 billion. Details

FuturAqua To Invest HUF 400 Mln In Cancer Research

December 01. 2016. / Hungarian News Agency

FuturAqua, a company listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange, will provide HUF 400 million for the clinical research and development of a Hungarian cancer drug as part of its cooperation with HYD Pharma, the latter company told Hungarian news agency MTI. More...

In Hungary, Families Don’t Bother Making Just One of These Pastries

December 01. 2016.

Food 52 / by

When I first moved to Budapest last year from New York, the abundance of atmospheric cukrászdas—confectioneries gushing retro charm—provided comfort in a new place. Rows of artful cakes with glistening raspberries or fluffy towers of sponge torte talked to me daily from behind glass. More...

Europe Affluents Currently Own Over €20k Worth of Investments

November 30. 2016.


Eight out of ten European Affluents keep personal investments*. Western Europeans are the region’s biggest investors (78%), although Eastern Europeans** are not far behind (74%). Austria has the highest proportion of investors (89%), with the lowest in Hungary (68%). More...